Man Stranded In Snow Storm Uses Drone To Get Help

On a frigid winter day in the Willamette National Forest, in western Oregon, a motorist needed help after becoming stranded in a remote area where the road was not built for winter weather.

With no cell service, no one knew of the motorist’s whereabouts, so he had to get creative if he was to reach out for assistance.

The driver had a drone with him, so he connected it to his phone and typed out a message to a trusted person, including his exact location. He hit “Send” and launched his makeshift ‘phone-drone’.

As it ascended several hundred feet into the sky, the phone suddenly gained reception and sent the message off.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team responded to the call right away and provided the timely assistance the motorist needed. His inventive approach to using a drone to communicate while in a remote region of the forest was a success.

This story serves as a reminder of the value of being prepared when travelling in sparsely populated areas. It also demonstrates the power of resourceful problem-solving.