Attempted $32 Million Airport Heist Results in Fatal Shootout

In Chile’s capital on Wednesday, an attempted robbery of more than $32 million in cash resulted in a wild airport shootout. This shooting left a security officer and an alleged robber dead, according to authorities.

In an attempt to intercept a Latam Airlines flight transferring cash from an aircraft to an armored truck, ten heavily armed robbers managed to bypass airport security measures and reach the airport runway.

Security officials and the robbers engaged in a shootout in which one employee of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) and one assailant died.

According to officials, the heroic action by DGAC officials prevented the robbery, since the robbers were considered to be very organized and well-armed.

Video clips posted on social media showed bullet holes in a Delta plane parked next to the Latam aircraft. The video also captured several gunshots that were fired during the shootout.

Two burned vehicles were later found nearby after the remaining suspects fled the scene.