Man Stabbed To Death In Conflict Over Holding The Door Open

Cool-headed NYC union steamfitter fatally slashed on L train tried to avoid confrontation; ‘It’s just crazy,’ says devastated girlfriend – New York Daily News

Police are actively searching for the killer who stabbed a rider to death on the L train on Friday night. The victim was 43-year-old Tommy Bailey from Canarsie, and he was killed in an untimely and fatal stabbing.

A victim of the stabbing suspect held the door open for another customer, but the customer didn’t say thank you. Afterward, the victim confronted him and asked why he didn’t say thank you.

After this confrontation, unspeakable violence ensued. The door-holder punched the man, and the suspect stabbed him in the abdomen and neck. The victim fell back into the entrance of the store and bled heavily all over the floor.

Because the victim was stabbed, they were later pronounced dead. The suspect took off on his e-bike and remains on the run.

The Subway is back up and running as normal, but passengers are shaken by yet another murder in transit this year. Detectives are working without any video on board the train where this deadly fight happened around nine last night.

Such violence amidst day-to-day activities causes extreme stress and anxiety. To be able access additional information about this story, please consider the news outlets listed below.