Man shot and killed during mall haircut

In a chilling episode of violence on Sunday afternoon, a man was brutally shot while having his haircut at the North Star Mall in San Antonio. The incident was confirmed by San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) public information officer, Nick Soliz.

According to Soliz, the man in his early forties was approached by two gunmen inside the barbershop. In broad daylight, just past 3 p.m., they opened fire, executing him in a cruel, emotionless manner. He died at the scene.

While more specifics are yet to be disclosed, initial investigations hint towards a targeted assault. The victim was shot by the assailants without provocation.

After the incident, the two suspects promptly vanished from the scene. Despite extensive police searches in the surrounding area, the perpetrators remain at large.

SAPD has confirmed that at no point during this incident was there a mass shooting situation at the mall, and no other individuals were harmed.

The investigation into the North Star Mall shooting remains active as authorities continue to gather evidence and pursue leads.