Man fatally shoots his own mom thinking she was an intruder

OLIVETTE, MO – A man from Missouri is facing charges after allegedly shooting his own mother, mistaking her for an intruder. The 25-year-old defendant, Jaylen Johnson, from the St. Louis suburb of Olivette, fatally shot his mother around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday as she attempted to enter their residence through the back door.

Monica McNichols-Johnson, 56, was declared dead on the scene despite receiving immediate attention from Johnson’s girlfriend and paramedics that came afterward, according to information from the Olivette police department.

Johnson’s lawyer, William Goldstein, informed the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Johnson was under the impression that his mother was a trespasser. Upon the realization of what occurred, Johnson promptly called 911 and has been in a state of deep distress since the unfortunate incident. “He hasn’t stopped crying,” added Goldstein.

Prosecutors have charged Johnson with manslaughter and armed criminal action, setting his bail at $100,000. Goldstein shed light on Johnson’s background, describing him as a law-abiding citizen and employed former college football player with a promising future ahead of him.

Johnson, who was once a victim of an armed robbery, kept a gun for self-protection. “He’s just a sweetheart of a kid,” Goldstein stated.