Five people found stabbed to death at home, including three kids

HONOLULU, HI – Hawaii experienced a shocking murder-suicide that claimed five lives in a residential neighborhood on Sunday, according to the local police department. Lt. Deena Thoemmes shared during a Sunday news conference that an anonymous call regarding a heated argument in a home in Manoa led to law enforcement’s initial visit. The home is situated in a residential area adjacent to downtown Honolulu on the island of Oahu.

The police first visited the household around 8:30 a.m. in response to the initial call. The lack of hard evidence to justify entering the property led them to leave the scene right after. However, another call around 9:15 a.m. forced the officers to return and engage in conversation with the caller before they entered the home.

Upon entering, the police discovered deadly evidence of a violent crime: two adults and children aged 10, 12, and 17 were found stabbed to death. Insurance on the husband’s death is ongoing, though a query regarding self-inflicted injuries remained unanswered by Thoemmes.

Early findings from the investigative efforts indicated that the man might have caused the fatal knife wounds to the woman and three children. The weapon believed to have been used in the crime was retrieved from the scene, shared Thoemmes. The motive for carrying out the killings is currently unknown.

The medical examiner’s office is expected to release the official identification of the deceased, including the adults whose ages remain uncertain.

This grim incident marks the state’s worst instance of multiple murders since 1999’s Xerox murders. In the latter case, Bryan Koji Uyesugi took the lives of seven co-workers, including his supervisor.