Man executed on death row for murdering an elderly married couple

On Thursday, 62-year-old Scott James Eizember was executed by lethal injection in Oklahoma. He received this sentencing 19 years after murdering an elderly couple.

With an intravenous line in his arm, Eizember told The Associated Press, “I’m at peace.” He continued by saying, “my conscience is clear, completely. I love my children.”

Eizember ate his last meal on Wednesday evening at 5:10 p.m. On Thursday morning, lethal drugs were administered, and he was pronounced dead at 10:15 am.

He could be seen talking to his spiritual adviser, Rev. Eizember, as the execution began. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections initially barred Jeffrey Hood from entering the death chamber because of his anti-death penalty activism and arrest, but he was allowed in when the victims’ families requested it.

Eizember raised his head at one point and mouthed, “I love you,” to his daughter and attorneys.

The victims that Elzember killed were AJ Cantrell, 76, and Patsy Cantrell, 70.

Scott James Eizember was found guilty of a distrubing murder. Eizember broke into their home to spy on his ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Smith, who lived across the street. In court, prosecutors asserted that Eizember shot Patsy and then beat AJ with his gun once the Cantrells returned home.

He broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house after killing the Cantrells and attacked both her son and mother. He then proceeded to flee in a stolen car.

After months of running, Eizember attempted to take hostage a man in Texas before being gunned down by the victim.

A nephew of the couple, Johnny Melton, described the past 20 years as “absolutely excruciating.” Despite the convictions, nothing can make up for the loss that his family experienced.