Daycare worker charged with abuse after biting a child on the job

Multiple outlets report that a former worker at a Mississippi daycare center was arrested. She was taken into custody after allegedly biting a small child while working at the daycare.

Haley Rozek, 26, was arrested Monday and charged with felony child abuse. The incident took place in December at The Kids Company daycare in Jones County.

After noticing bite marks on her son’s arm, the mother of a baby at the center called police.

Jones County Sheriff’s Investigator Denny Graham told WDAM: “The daycare employees were interviewed and one of the employees, Haley Rozek, admitted to biting the child on the arm.” He continued by sharing, “she stated that … the child was upset, she was trying to calm the child down, blowing on his arm and he pulled away and she inadvertently bit him.”

The Laurel Leader Call reports that Rozek filed for unemployment after being fired from the daycare center. She allegedly claimed she was fired “because she accidentally bit a child.”

Since her arrest, Rozek has bonded out of jail, according to WDAM.

Whether she has a lawyer or pleaded guilty remains unclear.