Shooter convicted of double murder after argument over bad haircut turns deadly

A man in New Mexico has been found guilty of a double murder following a fatal shooting that unfolded during a heated argument over a botched haircut. Mark Valencia, 42, was convicted on Wednesday for the murders of his girlfriend, Eva Aragon, 48, and his barber, Steven Singer, 40. The altercation, fueled by alcohol, took place at a friend’s house in Pecos, outside Santa Fe. Valencia was also convicted of attempted murder for his attack on homeowner David Sturgeon, who narrowly escaped harm.

Valencia’s conviction came after a harrowing account from Sturgeon, who managed to hide in a closet and call 911 as the violence unfolded. According to Sturgeon, Valencia had threatened to retrieve his gun during the argument. He then returned to the front door of the house, which was left open, and shot Singer in the face. When Aragon knelt down to check on Singer, Valencia callously shot her in the head. Sturgeon estimated that Valencia fired at least eight times, with the victims being just two feet away from him.

After the initial attack, Valencia attempted to shoot Sturgeon in the kitchen but missed. Sturgeon managed to find refuge in the master bedroom closet, where he called the authorities. Valencia later returned to the house and tried to open the closet door, firing a shot through it. When the police arrived, they found Valencia intoxicated and covered in blood, sitting in Sturgeon’s van in the driveway. Valencia admitted to the police that they had all been drinking that night.

Valencia’s defense attorney did not provide immediate comment, but it was reported that his main defense centered around the argument that alcohol impaired his ability to make a deliberate choice to commit the murders. Valencia is currently being held at the San Miguel Detention Center, and a date for his sentencing has not been determined.

Eva Aragon, described as a loving mother, grandmother, daughter, and sister, was known for her vibrant personality and love for the outdoors. She enjoyed fishing, camping, and bringing joy to those around her. The loss of Aragon and Singer has left their loved ones devastated and mourning their untimely deaths.