Body found in black garbage bag in the Bronx, investigation underway

Authorities have launched an investigation after a body was discovered inside a black garbage bag in the Bronx. The grim find was made on Saturday morning near the intersection of Whitlock Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard in the Longwood neighborhood. The unidentified individual was concealed inside the bag that was placed in a shopping cart. The desolate stretch of Whitlock Avenue, where the body was found, is currently closed due to ongoing construction, adding an eerie atmosphere to the scene.

Law enforcement officials carefully moved the body and the cart, both of which were later placed in a body bag, before being taken away from the area around 3:30 p.m. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) pronounced the person dead at the scene. Nearby, families were enjoying a day at a playground, unaware of the tragic discovery just a half block away. One witness claimed that a man on a bicycle had mentioned seeing someone in the same location the previous day, suggesting that the body may have been there since at least Friday.

Residents of the neighborhood expressed their concerns about the area’s safety, particularly at night. Janise, a local resident, described the location as “always really scary” due to its darkness, making it an unsettling place to walk after dark.

Authorities have not yet released any information regarding the identity of the deceased individual or the circumstances surrounding their death. The investigation is ongoing, with law enforcement working diligently to gather evidence and determine the cause of death.