Man confesses to murdering his wife and in-laws

In a shocking turn of events in Layton, Utah, a man allegedly ended the lives of his wife and her parents, before notifying the police to confess his involvement.

The accused, Jeremy Bailey, aged 34, was taken into custody without confrontation at his residence. The unfortunate victims were identified as his wife, Anastasia Stevens (36), and her parents, Becky Stevens (61) and Donald Stevens (73). The deceased were discovered within the premises of the house.

Anastasia Stevens had a close familial connection with the elder victims; Becky Stevens was her stepmother, and Donald Stevens her father. The couple had traveled from Nevada to visit their daughter and son-in-law, who resided in the house where the dreadful incident took place.

The community was left reeling from the violent episode, with neighbors expressing shock and disbelief. Lanny Cottrell, a nearby resident, disclosed to KSL, an NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, that he had previously witnessed Bailey engaging in an intense argument with his father-in-law.

Details surrounding the motive and the exact cause of death are yet to be determined as the investigation continues. The authorities also reported that three family dogs were found deceased.

The tragedy underscores the grave issue of intimate partner violence that plagues nearly half of the US population. In a startling revelation, the CDC discloses that one in every five homicide victims fall prey to intimate partners.