Man cleared after shooting sister’s ex-boyfriend in self-defense

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FL – In a recent incident in Florida, a man who fatally shot his sister’s abusive ex-boyfriend will not be charged, according to the local sheriff’s office. The man had armed himself and intervened when his sister was being assaulted by her ex-partner. Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons, in a conversation with WEAR News, clarified that the law allows for self-defense when a gun is pointed and cocked at a person.

The event unfolded in the Silver Lake Mobile Home Park. Escambia County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home last Tuesday, where they found a 26-year-old man dead from a gunshot wound. The deceased was identified as the ex-boyfriend of a 24-year-old woman living in the home. The sheriff’s office reported that the man had broken into the woman’s home, damaged her door, and physically assaulted her.

During the assault, the woman was able to text her family members, including her 23-year-old brother, who lived nearby. On receiving the message, the brother hurried to his sister’s home. A confrontation broke out between the brother and the ex-boyfriend, during which the ex-boyfriend brandished a gun and aimed it at the brother.

The brother, who was also carrying a firearm, shot the ex-boyfriend twice, resulting in his death. The sheriff’s office has confirmed that the brother will not be charged for his actions. The State Attorney’s Office added to WEAR News that recent amendments to Florida law have widened the scope of self-defense for residents.

Assistant State Attorney John Molchan elaborated that the “Stand Your Ground” law has broadened the “Castle Doctrine,” which traditionally permitted homeowners to use deadly force in self-defense against a murderer or a person committing a forcible felony.