Lunch Lady Accused of Grooming 14-Year-Old Student on Social Media Prior to Assault

Connecticut authorities have accused a lunch lady of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy whom she had been grooming on social media for months. Andie Rosafort, 31, a married woman, was arrested and charged with three felonies. The felonies she was charged with include sexual assault, enticing a minor, and risking injury to a minor or impairing morals of children.

The investigation began after officials at New Fairfield High School learned of a possible inappropriate relationship between an employee and a student. The father of one of the victim’s friends also informed the school of his child’s suspicions of Rosafort’s actions.

Rosafort, a lunch aide at New Fairfield Middle School, was frequently conversing on social media with freshman boys. She followed the victim on Instagram and instructed him to add her on Snapchat, where she sent him a nude photograph of herself.

After the victim questioned her about the photo, Rosafort sent another nude photograph of herself and asked the teen to send naked photographs of himself. For months, she continued to send the victim unsolicited nude photographs and videos of herself while attending his sports games and sending him videos of himself playing.

On Jan. 13, Rosafort allegedly picked up the victim from a party at his friend’s house and had sexual contact with him in her SUV. The victim reported feeling uncomfortable following the contact and left Rosafort’s SUV before returning to his friend’s house. One of the victim’s friends discovered messages from Rosafort asking if his friends knew where he was when he left with her.

According to investigators, Rosafort and the victim were in the same location at the time of the alleged assault based on photo locations. The victim’s phone contained explicit content featuring an individual they identified as Rosafort, as well as a shirtless photograph of the victim.

Rosafort turned herself in on Feb. 20 after learning there was a warrant for her arrest. She was released on $100,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on March 23.