Kerry Concerned Climate Change Overshadowed by Possible War in Europe

( – As the special presidential envoy for climate, John Kerry should focus on the environment and threats to it. Still, he seems to struggle with realizing not every situation is about this topic. Remarks he made about the potential impact of the situation in Ukraine sounded tone-deaf at best.

During a BBC Arabic interview on February 23, Kerry said that while he is concerned for the Ukrainian people and about Russia’s forceful actions, he must point out that a war in the nation would be terrible for the climate. He explained that increased conflict would distract the world leaders from focusing on their carbon footprints. Kerry went so far as to say the emissions from a conflict would be as important a worry as the threat to the law or the people.

The special envoy went on to say he hopes Russian President Vladimir Putin will realize that improving the climate is good for his country and see that continuing on this current path is harmful. He noted that the northern part of Russia used to be frozen land, which is melting and leading to problems.

With Russia escalating the conflict in Ukraine on February 24, Putin obviously didn’t get Kerry’s message. It seems absurd that anyone would believe the Kremlin would abandon its mission just because it might cause pollution. Ultimately, Kerry’s single-minded comments are a slap in the face to the people currently caught in the crossfire.

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