High schooler uses art tool to stab classmate

MINNETONKA, MN – An altercation at a Minnetonka-based high school resulted in a student being taken to the hospital on Tuesday following a stabbing incident involving an art tool.

According to reports from the Minnetonka Police Department, the officers were called to the site of the stabbing inside the school around 2 p.m. The report asserts that one student had stabbed another, though the extent of the inflicted injuries and the specifics of the weapon used by the suspect have yet to be disclosed.

Jeff Erickson, the current principal of Minnetonka High School, stated in a release that the confrontation took place during the school’s sixth period. Erickson assures that the event was an isolated incident that involved just the two students.

The school district, Minnetonka Public Schools, issued a statement on Wednesday regarding the occurrence. It noted, “We had an altercation yesterday between two students in a class at our high school. One of the students was injured by an art tool the other student had in their hand.” The district continued their statement, sharing, “We called an ambulance to have the injured student evaluated. Our school resource officer is investigating the incident.”

Currently, the officials are conducting a “thorough investigation” in accordance with district guidelines. As of now, no arrests have been made in connection to this incident.