Mysterious shooter opens fire at local gym

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Two individuals, one adult and one juvenile, are currently in hospital after a mystery shooter entered a west-side gym of Indianapolis, shooting randomly and causing widespread panic, leading to an evacuation of the gym.

The activity took place around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday as Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officers were alerted to a purported active shooter at the intersection of W. 38th Street and Shore Drive.

Upon reaching the scene, officers discovered two gunshot victims in the 6900 block of W. 38th Street. Both victims, found to be an adult and a young person, were rushed to separate hospitals and are currently noted as in stable condition.

IMPD Ofc. Shane Foley announced that the crime scene, identified as a VASA Fitness gym, was declared safe following a full sweep check during the investigation into the shooting incident. Foley further assured that there is “no ongoing threat.”

IMPD Capt. Mark McCardia reported that a suspect entered the gym and began discharging shots. The description or further details of the suspect were not released at the interview.

The shooting incident at the VASA Fitness gym was described as evolving into “mass chaos” as gym-goers scrambled to evacuate the facility during the shooting. McCardia estimates that the gym was likely accommodating ‘hundreds’ at the time of the shooting.

This shooting event is only one of four being investigated by IMPD in less than a day.