Gunman opens fire on South Carolina beach during high school senior skip day

A shocking incident occurred on the Isle of Palms, a city approximately 15 miles northwest of Charleston, South Carolina, when a gunman opened fire on a beach crowded with high school students celebrating their senior skip day.

At least six individuals were injured by the gunfire, all of whom sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The victims were predominantly teenagers around the age of 18.

Authorities believe the shooting was sparked by altercations among a large crowd of high school students. Video footage from the scene shows the sizable gathering of people huddled beneath a pier near Sea Cabins, a condominium complex situated close to a popular strip of bars and restaurants.

As at least 10 gunshots rang out, beachgoers screamed and fled across the sand. They were seeking safety while police sirens echoed in the background.

One of the victims, a woman in her 30s, was an uninvolved beachgoer who was inadvertently caught in the line of fire. Police have detained several individuals on weapons charges, but it is unclear whether the shooter has been apprehended.

Authorities have not yet confirmed if the gunman was a high school student.

Police Chief Kevin Cornett stated that the Isle of Palms Police Department (IOPPD) has recovered several weapons, although it is uncertain if they were the firearms used in the shooting. The investigation is ongoing, and further details will be released as they become available.