Bully assaults 12-year-old girl despite no-contact order, parents blame the school

Distressing footage has emerged showing a 12-year-old girl being beaten by a school bully in Portland, Oregon. Jocelyn Karst was assaulted by the unnamed attacker at the apartment block where they both live. However, her school is accused of enabling further bullying on campus.

Karst and her mother, Heather Chick, claim that her daughter had tried to bring pepper spray to school to stop any more bullying incidents. However, the pepper spray was confiscated. The school did not take action, even after Chick obtained a judge’s no-contact order against the bully.

A video from the October assault shows the attacker beating up Karst inside the building where they both live. Unfortunately, the family cannot move out of the apartment block due to financial issues.

The school was made aware of the no-contact order, but it failed to take appropriate action to stop the abuse. According to Chick, the video of the assault was shared around campus and ultimately led to even more violent bullying.

On March 9, Chick and Karst sent an email to the school expressing their concerns. In the email, they requested information about the steps the school would take to protect Karst while she was on campus, in compliance with the terms of the no-contact order.

However, Chick has yet to hear directly from the school about any of her complaints, and she does not believe that they were ever heard. She said that when she contacted the school about the situation, officials laughed and shook their heads.

Karst is now afraid to attend school due to the violence. She believes that the principal and vice-principal should be made aware of the situation, and an investigation into the school district should be conducted.

Chick and her daughter are living in low-income housing and are unable to change where they live or where her child attends school. They feel that they are not being protected by anyone in their housing, in the schools, or by the police.

Portland Public School claims to have added a “campus safety associate” to stop these attacks. However, the family believes that more should be done to protect students.