Utah man kills his whole family in murder-suicide, leaves disturbing note behind

A tragic incident unfolded in Enoch, Utah, where 42-year-old Michael Haight killed his wife, five children, mother-in-law, and finally, himself. Haight, who was under investigation for child abuse, left a suicide note in which he portrayed himself as a victim and blamed his wife, Tausha, for his actions.

The chilling event occurred earlier this year, with police bodycam footage capturing the aftermath of the January 4th shooting. The video shows officers entering the family’s silent home, where Haight killed his daughters Macie, Briley, Sienna, sons Ammon and Gavin, and his wife’s mother, Gail Early, aged 78.

According to reports, Tausha had been planning to file for divorce from Haight. In his disturbing suicide note, Haight wrote that he could not handle the situation any longer and accused his wife of manipulation and control. He claimed to have asked for help, but his pleas were ignored.

The family’s tragic story came to light after the Deseret News obtained documents through a public records request. These records revealed that Haight had searched online for “gunshot in a house” and had been investigated for child abuse. Caseworkers visited the Haight residence two weeks before the shooting to investigate allegations in relation to Ammon, the couple’s 7-year-old son. Michael was accused of throwing the boy to the ground in a fit of rage.

The investigation into the family began 11 days prior, based on abuse allegations involving the couple’s oldest daughter. Tausha requested caseworkers not to interview her husband until she had filed for divorce, which she did on December 21. She also informed authorities that Michael had threatened to either take his own life or “make her life hell” if she left him. Caseworkers never interviewed Michael Haight.

Previously released records showed that Haight had been investigated for child abuse in 2020, but authorities decided not to charge him. New documents reveal multiple reports of abuse, including one in 2021 where Haight suddenly slammed on the brakes while driving on the highway. This scared the family and left red marks from the seatbelts on their bodies. In another incident, he grabbed his oldest daughter’s head and threw her into the hard part of the couch.

Macie, the couple’s oldest daughter, told caseworkers that her father would often tower over her and her siblings, yelling and intimidating them to assert his authority.