Gunfire breaks out in Garden Grove restaurant

An evening meal turned into a scene of chaos as gunfire erupted inside a popular hot pot restaurant in Garden Grove, California. The shocking incident took place late Saturday night, leaving two people critically injured from gunshots and a third with minor injuries.

The episode unfolded at around 11:30 p.m. at The Hot Lounge & Restaurant. All the victims, as well as the alleged shooter, were customers at the restaurant. They were dining together when an altercation erupted.

What started as a verbal argument rapidly escalated, culminating in the discharge of a firearm. Two of the victims sustained serious gunshot injuries to their upper bodies and were rushed to the hospital, where they remain in a critical state.

A third individual, injured in the lower torso, was also hospitalized but is currently stable.

Following the shooting, bystanders at the restaurant took immediate action. The suspected shooter was apprehended by fellow diners, who managed to hold him until the arrival of law enforcement officers.