Seven children were removed from their home where parents kept them isolated in horrible conditions

Seven children were removed from their Pennsylvania home due to a disturbing report earlier this month. After two minors were found entering an abandoned trailer, Pennridge Regional Police Department officers requested to inspect the living quarters of the parents, Shawn and Crystal Robertson.

Upon further investigation, four additional children ages 4, 8, 10 and 6 were found hidden in a back room.

The officers described the home to be in “obvious disrepair and disarray,” with a bicycle lock on the fridge and Crystal referring to the children as “garbage disposals with legs.”

The living space included polluted sanitation, with a strong foul odor permeating the air, bugs and dozens of caged rats, as well as fecal matter on the floor and on a blanket.

It appeared that the house had not been cleaned for a long period of time and required repair in multiple areas, including the kitchen, bathroom, walls and floors. There were also two dogs, two turtles, two rabbits, snakes, toads and a four-foot reptile.

Shockingly, the children had not received proper education or received medical attention, resulting in malnourishment, kidney dysfunction, Covid-positive diagnoses and Acute Viral Syndrome. Furthermore, two of the minors needed extensive dental treatments, two required corrective eye care and two had so much matted hair that it had to be fully shaved off.

Psychiatrically, all of the children had developed extreme levels of social anxiety and disclosed they did not like being in public or around other people.

Both parents are facing felony child neglect charges for each of their seven children.