Fourth mass shooting hits California this week

A tragedy occurred in Los Angeles this Saturday when a mass shooting hit the city in the middle of the night.

This marks the fourth mass shooting in the state of California within the past week alone.

At approximately 2:35 in the morning, the Los Angeles Fire Department rushed to a residential area in the northwest of downtown upon receiving a report of a shooting. In the Beverly Crest community, located just outside of Beverly Hills, three victims were reported to have been shot inside a car. Four others were wounded while standing outside a home.

Upon arriving at the scene, responders found three people dead and two injured, who were then taken to a hospital. Two other victims voluntarily went to a hospital, as reported by the department’s spokesperson.

Law enforcement reported that an emergency call was made regarding an “assault with a deadly weapon”. Those hospitalized from the incident are reportedly in a critical state.

This makes it the third mass shooting in California since the 21st of January, when a perpetrator invaded a dance studio in Monterey Park near Los Angeles and killed eleven people.

Another mass shooting occurred on Monday in Half Moon Bay, located in Northern California, where seven people were killed. Not long after, five more people were shot in Oakland. One of the victims of the Oakland shooting died from the injuries at just 18 years old.