Man guilty of staging a fake robbery and killing his family inside their home

On Wednesday, Alex Jackson, a 22-year-old Iowa resident, was found guilty of murdering his parents – Jan (61) and Melissa (68) – and his sister Sabrina (19) in the family home in 2021. The jury’s verdict came after six hours of deliberation, according to KGAN.

On June 15, 2001, Jackson called 911 and reported an intruder had broken into their Cedar Rapids home. He told the dispatcher that the intruder shot him and another family member. He described the assailant as a tall African American male, wearing all black, a ski mask, gloves, and green shoes.

According to Jackson’s account to investigators, a struggle ensued between him and the intruder. Jackson told the investigators that he and the intruder were fighting over the gun when he himself was shot.

Investigators found that Jan suffered from five gunshot wounds, two of which were in the back of the head. Melissa was shot in the right temple and left eye. Jackson’s sister being shot in the rib cage and left eye.

All the victims were shot with a .22 caliber browning semi-automatic rifle.

Prior to the homicides, Jackson’s father expressed his displeasure with his son’s lack of ambition and told him to get a job. At the time of the shooting, Jackson had a meager amount of money in his bank account, estimated to be around thirty dollars.

Investigations conducted by Slaughter have revealed that several security cameras installed at the house and surrounding area did not manage to identify the mysterious robber. Additionally, it has been found that the gun belonged to the family and the box that stored the weapon was located under Jackson’s bed. No response has been made by Jackson’s lawyer when asked to comment.

He is due to be sentenced on the 3rd of March.