Florida woman arrested for poisoning her child’s father with roach spray

A 29-year-old woman from Florida is facing charges of poisoning after allegedly putting Raid roach killer spray in the drink of a man with whom she shares a child. Veronica Cline, the suspect, is currently being held in jail without bail. The incident occurred in DeLeon Springs, central Florida, and was reported to the authorities in the early hours of Friday. The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, experienced severe illness and vomiting after consuming the tainted beverage. Cline’s motive, as revealed by the victim, was to harm both him and their shared child.

According to a redacted arrest affidavit, a deputy was dispatched to a residence in DeLeon Springs following a report of a possible assault and battery. The victim, visibly distraught, informed the deputy that Cline’s child had mentioned she was returning home after a night of drinking at a bar. Upon her arrival, Cline requested the victim to serve her an alcoholic beverage so they could drink together. The victim consumed two drinks before feeling sick and vomiting for approximately 30 minutes. He then contacted the police. In his statement to the deputy, the victim revealed that Cline admitted to adding Raid Roach Spray to his last two beverages and expressed her intention to do the same to their child.

During the conversation with the deputy, the victim’s condition worsened, rendering him unable to speak without vomiting. He provided an audio recording in which Cline allegedly confessed to tampering with his drink. The deputy collected the audio recording, along with photographs of the Raid spray and the contaminated beverage, as evidence. The victim was subsequently taken to the hospital, although his current condition remains undisclosed. A witness stated that he overheard the couple arguing about the alcohol, noting that Cline was typically the primary aggressor.

Following the arrest, the couple’s child was placed under the custody of the Department of Children and Families. Online records indicate that Cline has a history of previous arrests dating back to 2016. She was previously of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, as well as failure to appear for a misdemeanor offense. Additionally, she was charged with driving without a valid license. In a separate case from May 2021, Cline and her boyfriend were arrested after a fight while drinking, during which she was accused of pointing a pocketknife at a man. The resolution of that case remains unclear.