Man found decapitated and doused in toxic chemicals, girlfriend accused of his murder

A shocking incident in Nevada has left a community in disbelief as a man was allegedly decapitated by his girlfriend. The gruesome discovery was made when the victim’s mother found his headless body in their Henderson home, with smoke rising from it. The suspect, Devyn Michaels, now faces charges for the murder of Johnathan James Willette. Details from a police report reveal a disturbing sequence of events, including the use of chemicals and allegations of abuse.

According to a police report obtained by KLAS, authorities entered the bedroom where the body was found and detected the strong smell of chemicals, believed to be bleach and ammonia. The body was emitting smoke, indicating that it had been doused in these substances. Shockingly, the victim’s head was missing and still has yet to be located. The mother of the deceased informed the police that she had last seen her son the previous night, while Michaels was seen around 1 a.m. doing dishes in the kitchen.

Michaels, who is married to Willette’s son, claimed that her boyfriend was intoxicated and in bed when she last saw him. She stated that they planned to wake up early to register their children for school. Michaels left the house after speaking with Willette’s mother that morning, as per her account to the authorities. However, investigators discovered Willette’s personal belongings, including his wallet, keys, social security card, and blood-stained phone, in Michaels’ home.

During a polygraph test, Michaels exhibited a “significant reaction” when questioned about Willette’s murder, according to the police report. When asked about her strong response, Michaels alleged that Willette had been abusive towards her and had engaged in inappropriate behavior with his oldest child. She then claimed that she struck him on the head with a wooden stick when he attempted to coerce her into a sexual act while she was rubbing his back in bed. Michaels insisted that her intention was never to kill Willette but rather to harm him enough to send him to the hospital, allowing her to figure out what to do with their children.

The credibility of Michaels’ allegations of abuse remains uncertain. The cause of Willette’s death is still pending, according to the coroner’s office. The investigation into this horrific incident continues, with authorities working to gather more evidence and determine the exact circumstances surrounding the alleged decapitation.