Massive manhunt for Gangster after murderous prison break

PARIS, FR – A large-scale search operation is currently in progress in France, following the audacious escape of a notorious criminal known as “The Fly,” during a prison transfer on Tuesday. The escape, orchestrated by an armed group who ambushed the prison convoy, resulted in the death of two guards.

Mohamed Amra, the fugitive in question, managed to evade capture when armed individuals intercepted the prison van transporting him. The assailants used a vehicle to ram into the van before opening fire on the guards. The incident has led to a significant police response, with hundreds of officers deployed to the northern region of France in an attempt to locate and apprehend Amra.

Gérald Darmanin, the Interior Minister, has described the efforts to capture Amra and his accomplices as ‘unprecedented’. With a total of 450 officers dedicated to the manhunt, Darmanin expressed optimism about the likelihood of capturing the fugitive and his accomplices in the near future.

The escape was meticulously planned, with the convoy transporting Amra to a jail in Évreux, Normandy, following a meeting with an investigator in Rouen. The ambush took place on the A154 freeway, shortly after the prison van and its escort vehicle had passed through a toll booth.

Two vehicles were involved in the ambush: one that had been stolen and used to ram into the prison van, and another that trailed the convoy and helped to trap it. The assailants then exited their vehicles and opened fire on the prison van before fleeing with Amra.

The ambush claimed the lives of two officers: a 52-year-old captain with over thirty years of experience and a 34-year-old officer who was expecting his first child. Amra, also known as “The Fly,” is a 30-year-old from northern France with ties to drug trafficking.

The audacious escape and the subsequent deaths have shocked the nation, leading to moments of silence being observed across the country in honor of the fallen officers.