Five killed in grocery store shooting

ACAPULCO, MEXICO – An armed attack in Acapulco on Thursday left five people dead and another injured, marking the latest in a string of violent incidents in the beleaguered resort city. The attack took place at a grocery store within a handicrafts market near the city’s main tourist avenue, according to the Guerrero state prosecutor’s office.

The victims, four men and a woman, were found dead at the scene, while one more individual was wounded. Authorities have launched an investigation into the attack, which underscores the escalating violence in a city once renowned for its allure among the wealthy and famous.

This incident follows the discovery of 10 bodies scattered across Acapulco just three days prior. Six of these bodies were found on an avenue near a market, reportedly thrown from a moving vehicle. The remaining victims were killed in separate shootings, including one in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood and another in a tourist area.

Acapulco’s descent into violence has been stark. Once a glamorous destination, the city has seen a dramatic decline in tourism due to the pervasive threat of cartel-related violence. Last month, the head of the city’s traffic police was assassinated, and earlier this year, multiple bodies bearing signs of torture were discovered on popular beaches.

The city’s struggles are compounded by the aftermath of Category 5 Hurricane Otis, which struck in October, leaving significant destruction and at least 52 fatalities. Guerrero state, where Acapulco is located, remains one of Mexico’s most dangerous regions, with 1,890 murders recorded in 2023 alone due to cartel disputes.

The broader context of Mexico’s violence is grim, with over 450,000 murders since 2006, when a military offensive against drug cartels was launched. Criminal organizations engage in various illegal activities beyond drug trafficking, including human smuggling, extortion, and fuel theft. The nation is also grappling with a surge in political violence ahead of the June 2 elections, with more than two dozen politicians killed since September last year.