FBI investigating hidden camera on American Airlines flight

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is currently probing an incident involving a concealed camera reportedly discovered in a lavatory on an American Airlines flight. According to Massachusetts state police, the incident, which they referred to as a “potential criminal act,” occurred on a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Boston Logan International Airport on September 2. The incident reportedly involved a minor, a flight attendant, and a mobile phone.

State officials have clarified that since the incident transpired mid-flight, it falls under federal jurisdiction. A passenger on the flight shared his account with Boston 25, a Fox affiliate. He reported witnessing a teenage girl being prevented from using the first-class restroom by a male flight attendant.

The passenger recounted that the flight attendant asked the girl to wait before using the restroom, stating he needed to wash his hands as the crew was about to start collecting trash. After the flight attendant exited the restroom, the girl entered. Subsequently, the passenger observed the teenager’s mother approach the first-class section and stop another passenger from entering the restroom.

The mother informed another passenger that a camera had been discovered in the restroom. Upon landing, law enforcement boarded the plane and escorted the male flight attendant off. The passenger further stated that after several people inspected the restroom, the flight attendant was removed, and the passengers were allowed to disembark. American Airlines has yet to respond to requests for comment on the incident.

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