Indiana man gets 85-year sentence for murder that was caught on voicemail recording

CLAY COUNTY, IN- Cody Allen Wade, an Indiana resident, was handed an 85-year prison sentence on Wednesday for the murder of Carl Haviland, his mother’s boyfriend, as per court documents. Wade was found guilty of the crime on August 3, following an incident that took place in June 2020, during which he was on parole for a previous arson conviction.

The sentencing order, issued by Clay County Superior Court Judge Robert A. Pell, detailed the gruesome nature of the crime. Wade had brutally stabbed Haviland multiple times in the presence of his own mother. Prior to the murder, Wade had reportedly left a voicemail on his mother’s phone, which inadvertently recorded the entire incident.

Before the fatal attack, Wade had left a social gathering and made his way to his mother’s residence. En route, he stopped at another individual’s home, where he ominously declared his intention to commit murder. The voicemail recording of the incident was played in court, providing chilling evidence of the crime.

Judge Pell’s sentencing order highlighted the brutality of the crime. The order further noted that Wade had kicked and taunted Haviland after the stabbing. The court documents also revealed that Wade has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The sentencing order outlined the severity of Wade’s punishment, which included 60 years for the murder, an additional 15 years for being a habitual offender, and ten years for two separate counts of felony battery on a public safety official with injury.

Wade was also handed concurrent sentences for three other charges, including felony battery against a public safety official and misdemeanor resisting law enforcement. His sentence will take into account the time he has already spent in jail, according to the order.