Elderly man violently stabbed during daytime stroll

WOODBURY, Minn. – A man in his 70s was attacked and stabbed while on a daytime stroll on a walking path on the south side of Markgrafs Lake at around 3:30 p.m., report Woodbury law enforcement. The victim, still unidentified, was found injured on the path and was expedited to Regions Hospital in St. Paul. There, he continues to receive treatment for the severe injuries that he sustained from the knife attack.

However, due to his condition, the victim was unable to give investigators a description of the assailant to the police. After studying the events surrounding the violent daytime assault, detectives ruled out the likelihood of it being a random act, providing some relief to local residents.

Fondly recollecting the security of the neighborhood, Colleen, a long-time resident of nearly thirty years, shared her disbelief at the shocking incident. The sudden surge of violence on the usually peaceful lake-side path, frequently used by community members for their daily walks, came as a distressing surprise.

In an emotional account, Colleen described how she learned about the incident when the victim’s wife reached out to her for aid. With the aid of her spouse and other neighbors, Colleen offered immediate assistance to the injured man, who was visibly disoriented and bleeding at the time.

Despite the unsettling event, police reassure the Woodbury neighborhood that the stabbing is an isolated incident and there is no continuous threat to public safety.