Elderly Man Killed and Three Others Injured in Deadly Dog Attack

A vicious dog attack in Texas has left one man dead and three others injured. Police say that the incident occurred when an 81-year-old man, who remains unidentified, visited a relative with a female companion.

As they were stepping out of their vehicle, two American Staffordshire Terrier dogs broke through a front gate and attacked the group. The dogs also bit the relative’s hand and injured a San Antonio Fire Department captain, who was bitten in the leg as he arrived at the scene.

San Antonio Animal Care Services revealed that they have identified three dogs belonging to the property where the attack took place. All three dogs have been taken into custody and will be euthanized.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the SAPD responded to a previous incident regarding the same dogs in November. During the previous incident, the property owner was informed that the dogs needed to remain inside the property. The same dogs were involved in two confirmed bite cases in January and September 2021.

SAFD Chief Charles Hood expressed his shock, stating that the department had to use pickaxes and pike poles to fight off the dogs upon arrival.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing, and multiple charges are pending. The City of San Antonio is also examining any related 911 and 311 call history connected to the area of the attack.