26 Gang Members Arrested. Illegal Guns And Drugs Confiscated.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office recently undertook a four-day long operation that has produced successful results. This operation is a part of an ongoing investigation into the “Goshen Massacre,” a shooting that left six people dead including a young mother and her infant son. This traumatic event is believed to be related to conflict between two gangs, the Sureños and the Norteño.

In the course of the operation, ninety-seven homes were searched, twenty-six suspects were arrested, eighteen arrest warrants were served and nine search warrants were instated in Visalia and Goshen covering known Norteño gang members. Additionally, multiple firearms, different kinds of drugs and an illegal firearms manufacturing operation were uncovered and seized by law enforcement.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) also joined the initiative and scoured twenty-three cells of known Norteño and Nuestra Familia gang members throughout the state’s prison system. Earlier in the month, two individuals that were connected to the Goshen event, Angel Uriarte and Noah Beard were arrested under the auspices of “Operation Nightmare,” which included continual surveillance and the search of several California prisons.

Undoubtedly, the four-day operation by Tulare County Sheriff’s Office has resulted in significant progress in the investigation surrounding the Goshen Massacre. Dozens of gang members have been brought into custody and illegal guns and drugs have been removed from the equation. Most importantly, these major developments should bring forth more progress in the pursuit of justice for the victims as well as help in preventing more violence between the two gangs.