17 Dogs Rescued From Fighting Facility

This week, the Floyd County Police Department (FCPD) heroically rescued 17 pit bulls from a Georgia property, ending a cruel animal operation and bringing justice and freedom to dogs who were suffering in chains.

Early Tuesday morning, officers arrived at the property, where they found the pit bulls restrained in the yard with heavy chains, car axles, and weighted vests. Despite their weight, the officers were able to remove the anchors and the dogs, and bring them all to safety.

After a thorough investigation, FCPD charged Jacob Driver Jr., 50, with “felony violation of the dog fighting statute and cruelty to animals” based on the evidence collected from his home and the other property. Upon searching Driver’s home and property, the police found evidence of tracking of the animals’ history and performance, likely for sale and breeding, as well as grooming equipment to increase their hostility and agitation.

FCPD Officer Kelsi Wade commented that some of the rescued dogs showed signs of scarring on their front legs and face, suggesting they had been trained or fought for combat. Fortunately, most of the animals were young and can likely be adopted as couch dogs, with all the treats and affection in fitting for a life free of such cruelty.

Acts of animal savagery remind us of how important it is to enforce animal welfare laws and mobilize police to take decisive punishment against those who break them. The work of the dedicated officers at the FCPD to ensure these dogs make it to loving homes and never endure such violence again should be commended.