Driver arrested for hit-and-run death of 4-year-old boy

Boston authorities have arrested Olguens Joseph in connection with a tragic hit-and-run incident that took the life of 4-year-old Ivan Pierre. While Joseph turned himself in, prosecutors have raised concerns about the two-week delay and alleged attempts to conceal his involvement in the crime. The incident occurred on Wood Street in Hyde Park on July 18th, where witnesses and surveillance footage indicate that Joseph was speeding through a residential area that had a speed limit of 25 MPH. As Pierre’s mother returned home from work, the young boy tragically lost his life in front of their family home.

Olguens Joseph, a resident of Mattapan, was arraigned on Tuesday in West Roxbury District Court. He faces four charges, including motor vehicle homicide due to negligent operation, leaving the scene of personal injury and death, and two charges related to operating an unregistered and uninsured vehicle. Joseph pleaded ‘not guilty’ to all charges. Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden acknowledged the crucial role played by the community in bringing Joseph to justice, as concerned individuals provided information that helped identify the suspect.

Prosecutors presented surveillance footage from the night of the hit-and-run. The footage shows a compact, grey Chevy Spark speeding towards the location where Pierre was struck. Additional footage from outside Joseph’s residence on Hazleton Street in Mattapan revealed the same vehicle. Subsequent testing of the car’s underside confirmed the presence of human blood. However, Joseph had already traded in the Chevy for an Acura shortly after the incident, claiming that the former was too small for his family. Prosecutors argue that this action suggests an attempt to hide or alter evidence.

During the court hearing, Joseph’s court-appointed attorney, Winston Kendall, requested a low bail, highlighting his client’s lack of criminal record and voluntary surrender to the police. Kendall also disputed the prosecution’s claims of evidence tampering. However, the judge sided with the state and set bail at $15,000, a sum Joseph is unable to pay. Pierre’s family was present in court but declined to speak with the media. A self-proclaimed cousin of Joseph, Marc Josenun, offered a lukewarm defense, stating that he could neither confirm nor deny Joseph’s involvement, leaving that question for Joseph himself to answer. The next court appearance for Joseph is scheduled for August 30th.

The grieving family of Ivan Pierre was present in court but chose not to speak with the media. The case will continue to unfold as Joseph’s next court appearance approaches.