Car crash during police pursuit leaves 10 people injured

A vehicle collision in Midtown, Manhattan has resulted in ten people being injured. The incident took place on Tuesday evening at the intersection of Lexington Avenue and East 42nd Street. As authorities attempted to perform a traffic stop, the male driver reportedly tried to escape, leading to a chaotic pursuit. While some individuals involved in the crash were transported to Bellevue Hospital for treatment, none of the injuries were life-threatening.

The Manhattan South division of the NYPD issued a tweet urging people to avoid the area and warned of potential traffic disruptions. The police were initially attempting to stop the driver of a stolen vehicle, which had been reported missing from the Bronx on July 31. Using a license plate reader, officers confirmed the match and proceeded to initiate a slow-speed pursuit due to heavy traffic in the vicinity. However, the driver refused to comply and collided with a biker and a yellow cab during the chase.

During a press conference held after the incident, the NYPD provided further details about the pursuit. A spokesperson for the department confirmed that the most severe injury was an ankle fracture sustained by a young woman. The injured victims included children as young as 5 and 7 years old. One person from the stolen vehicle was taken into custody by the police, while civilians detained the suspect after he collided with a taxi. The 20-year-old male driver was subsequently arrested, and authorities have ruled out any connection to terrorism.

This incident follows a similar collision earlier this year in Manhattan, where over 20 people were injured after a car crashed into a building. In that case, a white Audi sedan was believed to be responsible for the collision. The New York City Fire Department reported that the luxury vehicle rammed into an Inwood restaurant, resulting in a 10-year-old girl suffering a broken leg.