Dead body discovered inside of Arby’s freezer

A deeply disturbing incident unfolded at a fast food eatery in New Iberia on Thursday evening, as local police responded to reports of a deceased woman found in the restaurant’s walk-in freezer.

The restaurant in question is an Arby’s outlet, located at 1120 East Admiral Doyle Drive. Authorities were called to the scene following the grim discovery of an unresponsive body in the freezer. Further investigation by local news outlet KADN verified that the deceased individual was a female employee of the restaurant.

The unfortunate discovery was made at approximately 6:20 p.m., leading to a swift police response. Preliminary assessments from law enforcement suggest that the incident is not being treated as a suspicious death at this stage. Rather, it appears to be a tragic accident, although the exact circumstances remain unclear.

New Iberia’s police chief disclosed that multiple restaurant staff members have been interviewed as part of the ongoing investigation. As they strive to uncover the sequence of events that led to this tragic incident, the police are also closely scrutinizing all available evidence.

An autopsy has been initiated to determine the exact cause of the employee’s death, the results of which are yet to be announced.