Woman held captive and tortured over $450 debt

A woman in Ohio has a close escape after facing alleged physical abuse at the hands of three suspects during her three-day captivity in a building on Robinson Drive in Springfield, Ohio.

The three suspects, Amanda Vance, 32, Tiffany Lyons, 34, and Billy Woolard, 32, were arrested and charged with kidnapping, abduction, and felony assault.

Court documents showed that the victim had stated that the suspects took turns beating her, not allowing her to eat, drink or leave the premises. The victim said that she had even been burned with chemicals during her captivity.

After an unwavering fight for her freedom and the gumption to take a chance when the suspects were asleep, the victim ran to a neighbor’s house for help. On realising that the victim was hurt and marked with bruises, the neighbor immediately called 911 and the victim was immediately taken to the hospital by emergency services.

Post which, the suspects were arrested, with the judge setting bond at $100,000 for each suspect. They pleaded not guilty in court. The woman neighbour who helped the victim stated that if the victim had not escaped when she did, she believes the victim would have died. She noted that such violence and abuse, like what the victim faced, was an act performed by “some sick monsters”.