Couple that disappeared was allegedly murdered by a tenant who was about to be evicted

LACEY, WA – A prominent chiropractor and her husband in Washington state may have been murdered by a tenant who was on the verge of eviction, officials have revealed.

Karen Koep and her spouse, Davido, have been unaccounted for since November 13, per the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies, responding to a welfare check at the couple’s Lacey residence, discovered two substantial blood pools, leading them to suspect a violent crime had occurred.

Inside the home, a potent bleach odor was detected, and evidence suggested that the victims’ bodies may have been dragged into the garage. Davido was known to be the landlord of Timothy Burke, a 45-year-old tenant.

Court documents uncovered a partially completed eviction notice, drafted by Davido for Burke. Burke had a history of calling 911 to his residence and was known to have mental health issues. Surveillance footage showed Burke using Davido’s debit card.

Initially arrested for identity theft, Burke was found to be carrying a firearm. The bullets from the suspected murder weapon matched those found on Burke, according to court documents. Burke was later apprehended hiding off a trail.

Koep’s sister, Pauline Dutton, believes the impending eviction was the motive behind the crime. While Burke has not been officially charged, Thurston Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jennifer Lord stated in a Monday court hearing that a murder charge is fitting.

Judge John C. Skinder imposed a no-bail hold on Monday, finding probable cause for two counts of first-degree murder.