Arizona man implicated in murder after brother disappears

PHOENIX, AZ – An Arizona resident, Michael John Morgan, 44, is in custody on suspicion of the murder of his older brother, George Thomas Morgan, 45. The Phoenix Police Department confirmed the arrest on Monday.

Originally, the case was treated as a missing person’s investigation when George Morgan disappeared after a series of physical confrontations with his brother on November 11. The altercations took place at the brothers’ shared residence, but specific details regarding these incidents remain undisclosed.

Following the altercations, both brothers were unaccounted for a while. However, when Michael Morgan returned home without his brother, the family reported George Morgan missing on November 12, 2023.

Police arrested Michael Morgan after the missing person’s case took a dark turn. Detectives discovered suspicious circumstances surrounding George’s disappearance, prompting them to hand the case over to homicide investigators.

The homicide unit established probable cause and arrested Michael Morgan, charging him with multiple offenses, including murder. Despite these developments, George Morgan’s remains have yet to be discovered.

The Phoenix Police Department continues to investigate the case, and further details will be released as the investigation progresses.