Couch-surfer bites his host ‘all over his body’ before killing him

QUEENS, NY – Investigators in Queens, New York, arrested a man accused of beating and biting a 68-year-old man to death following an argument over drugs and money. The suspect was allegedly couch-surfing before attacking his host in a gruesome way.

Gyasi Denis, 35, is accused of killing Calvin Alexander inside Alexander’s Far Rockaway residence on January 31, according to court documents. Denis allegedly used a section of wooden molding to assault the victim, leaving behind a crime scene officials described as blood-soaked.

The gruesome discovery of Alexander’s body was made three days later when a friend came looking for the victim. Denis reportedly disclosed the death to the friend before leaving the premises. Responding officers reported finding blood on the walls, door, bed, and closet.

In his confession at the local precinct, Denis described the violent assault on Alexander, revealing that he bit the victim multiple times “all over his body.” Investigators report that the crime scene and the nature of the victim’s injuries confirmed Denis’ account.

Upon arrest, Denis was charged with manslaughter, burglary, criminal possession of property that was stolen, criminal possession of a weapon, and the illegal possession of a controlled substance. Authorities disclosed that cocaine was discovered on Denis when he was brought into the station house.

Denis, being held without bail, is set for his next court appearance on February 8.