Naked teen stabs family during sleepover

ATHENS, GA – A nightmarish scenario unfolded in an Athens, Georgia family home when a 15-year-old houseguest allegedly attacked and stabbed the family during the early hours of January 27. The suspect, known to the Cates family, went on the rampage, leaving Jessica Cates, her daughter Abbie, and her son Tyler, injured.

Awoken by the screams, Jessica discovered the suspect on top of her daughter, Abbie. He was naked and carrying a knife. Reacting instantly, her 12-year-old son Tyler stepped in, placing himself in danger to protect his sister.

Despite suffering wounds to the neck, head, and back, Jessica, who works as a nurse, was able to assess her daughter’s injuries and protect her from further harm. However, the brief moment of respite was shattered as the suspect launched another attack, inflicting more injuries on Jessica and stabbing Abbie.

As the suspect continued his violent onslaught, Jessica’s husband arrived home from work and managed to restrain the individual until authorities arrived. Police from Athens-Clarke County confirmed their response and investigation into the incident, but withheld additional details due to the ongoing nature of the case.

The Cates family expressed their gratitude for the first responders who assisted them. They hope for a full prosecution of the assailant, whose actions have caused them to reevaluate allowing any other overnight guests. Nevertheless, Jessica Cates remains firm in her belief that the situation should not discourage parents from allowing integral childhood experiences such as sleepovers.