China Locks Down City of 9 Million Over New COVID Surge

( – COVID-19 numbers in the US have been rapidly declining. But the story doesn’t appear to be the same in other parts of the world. China recently announced a lockdown for citizens in Changchun due to rising cases of the Omicron variant.

The government made the order on March 11, putting over 9 million people on home arrest in Changchun and surrounding areas. The people must undergo mandatory testing three times in the coming weeks. They cannot leave their homes, except for one person who can go out every two days to retrieve essential items. Unfortunately, businesses are also under orders to remain closed, and transportation links cannot run.

According to the South China Morning Post, COVID numbers in the country have reached the highest they have ever been. Authorities link the outbreak to asymptomatic transmission, noting they will continue to implement lockdown measures in cities that have any virus cases under the country’s zero-tolerance policy.

The measures are the same procedures China has used throughout the two years of the pandemic, leaving some people to wonder if they are working. Areas like the United States that haven’t used lockdowns since the beginning of the pandemic aren’t seeing issues with rising cases, so would a different approach better serve the public?

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