Child custody dispute takes a deadly turn

LOS ANGELES, CA – Startling video footage released by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) depicts a harrowing incident involving attempted murder and a high-speed police chase, all originating from a child custody dispute. The unsettling events unfolded on October 1, when officers from the Harbor Division responded to reports of a child custody dispute at a Target store’s parking lot located at Gaffey Street and Capitol Drive in San Pedro.

In the video, the suspect, identified as 39-year-old Miesha Scott, engages in a conversation with officers, explaining her refusal to return her 5-year-old son to his foster parents after a visitation. She mentions having difficulty co-parenting with her cousin present at the scene. The officers inquire about her son’s legal guardian, escalating Scott’s agitation. Subsequently, the Department of Children and Family Services confirms that Scott does not possess custody rights. All this while her 5-year-old child remains in the back of a U-Haul pickup truck.

After a tense exchange, officers successfully remove the child from the pickup truck and safely transfer him to his foster parents, one of whom is Scott’s cousin. It seems that the issue has been resolved. However, as Scott departs, she abruptly turns the truck around and deliberately strikes the foster mother, narrowly avoiding one of the officers. Another officer intervenes, firing his weapon in an attempt to halt the vehicle. Undeterred, Scott leads authorities on a pursuit until she ultimately crashes into a tree at Pacific Avenue and Paseo Del Mar.

Scott received medical treatment for her injuries and was subsequently taken into custody.The foster mother, who sustained injuries, is expected to recover fully. Fortunately, no officers or other community members were harmed during the incident.

The LAPD’s specialized Force Investigation Division and Forensic Science Division are currently investigating the officer-involved shooting. The comprehensive investigation will determine whether the use of force aligns with departmental policies and is justified.