Child, 4, found playing with loaded gun in apartment hallway

A father in Indiana was apprehended over the weekend when his child was spotted playing with a semi-automatic firearm. Beech Grove Police took 45-year-old Shane Osborne into custody.

Ring doorbell footage showed Osborne’s four-year-old in a diaper. He was holding a loaded gun in the hallway of his apartment.

Deputy Police Chief Robert Mercuri of WTHR Indianapolis remarked that it was almost inconceivable to watch. He himself was scared watching the video, even though he knew the result. He stated that it was impossible to view the video without being taken aback.

Nicole Summers, a resident of the Beech Grove Apartments, contacted 911 after the young child without clothing showed up at her door brandishing a weapon and pointing it at her son. She exclaimed, “My son, he opened the door and then shut it and backed away and he was like, ‘Uh…baby with a gun. Get out of here, get out of here!'”

When she looked through the peephole herself, she was shocked to find the child holding a real gun. She mentioned that she works in the gun industry and has experience recognizing firearms.

The boy in the video was seen waving the gun around and attempting to fire it. According to police, the firearm was one bullet away from being fully loaded.

Allegedly, Osborne told law enforcement that he was asleep at the time of the incident and that he had no possession of a firearm. However, gun was discovered in his residence.

The young boy’s dad was taken into custody on allegations of major negligence, according to WTHR.