New revelations in the killing of 5-year-old Athena Brownfield

Just before the discovery of a child’s remains in Grady County, one of Athena Brownfield’s caregivers appeared in court. Attorneys sought a gag order in the case which has gained considerable attention on the internet. In the courtroom as Alysia Adams stood before the judge. According to documents, Alysia and Ivon Adams looked after Athena and her sister for a period of eighteen months to two years, while their biological mother was absent.

Alysia was charged with two felony counts of child neglect: one for not supervising Athena’s five-year-old sister, and another for not protecting four-year-old Athena from her husband, who is believed to have murdered her. The bond amount was set at $500,000, and if posted, the judge ruled that Alysia must stay in Oklahoma, wear a GPS tracking device and have no contact with witnesses, possibly including her own children. The district attorney also stated that the felony charges she is facing may be upgraded or additional charges may be added.

The public defender submitted an application for the gag order, claiming that it would be impossible for Alysia to receive a fair trial with affidavits circulating over social media. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation cautioned the public on Monday that speculations on social media could obstruct the investigation.

The affidavit released on Tuesday gave an account of what might have happened to Athena. It mentioned that the caregivers did not register Athena’s five-year-old sister in school or bring the girls to the doctor. Athena’s sister said she was “tired of being alone”, without specifying how long she was without care. Alysia reportedly told investigators last week that her husband had beaten and killed Athena on Christmas Day.