Bodycam Shows Teen Shot By Police Officer While Eating Burger In McDonald’s Parking Lot

San Antonio officer fired after shooting at teen sitting in McDonald’s parking lot eating a burger – NBC News

San Antonio cop James Brennand shot a 17-year-old boy eating fast food in his car in a McDonald’s parking lot, falsely claiming to have been struck with the teen’s vehicle. Brennard was fired as media interest gathered. Many are outraged at the response of the officer.

According to police, the officer tried to stop a vehicle that had evaded a stop the day before, but the license plate didn’t match the actual vehicle. Brennand suspected the car was stolen and opened the door, where two teens were eating food. One of the teens tried to drive away, and Brennand shot at them.

The driver put the car in reverse with the driver’s door still open and backed up, and the officer fired multiple shots as the car fled the parking lot. Brennand, who had been on the force for seven months, was terminated for his actions, which did not align with police training.

The investigation into the shooting of the teen Erik Cantu by a now former police officer could take as long as a year, according to the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office.

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