Bodybuilder livestreams ex-wife’s murder on Instagram

A Bosnian bodybuilder shocked the world by live-streaming the brutal murder of his ex-wife on Instagram. The shocking act was followed by a shooting rampage that ended with the bodybuilder taking his own life. Two more innocent people were killed during these attacks, and three others were injured. Thousands of people viewed the disturbing videos documenting the violent spree before authorities could intervene.

The horror began when the bodybuilder, Nermin Sulejmanovic, posted a video on Instagram, informing his followers that they were about to witness a live execution. In the chilling clip, Sulejmanovic turned the camera to his ex-wife, whose face was bloodied and disfigured from injuries. He callously referred to her as a “wh–e” who had reported him to the police. The video also captured the sound of a crying child in the background. Shockingly, around 12,000 people watched the slaying unfold live.

Sulejmanovic then revealed that he was the father of the child and accused his ex-wife of hiding the toddler from him for over a week. He claimed that she had reported him to the police for domestic violence. With a heartless demeanor, he asked his viewers to watch the murder unfold before their eyes. He then fired a bullet into the woman’s forehead. The camera then panned to the child lying on the floor as Sulejmanovic coldly urged someone to come and save the innocent child.

As the police pursued him, Sulejmanovic continued to film two more live videos on Instagram. In those videos, he confessed to killing two others off-camera. The victims were later identified as a man and his young son. During his rampage, Sulejmanovic also injured a police officer, another man, and a woman in various locations throughout Gradacac.

Authorities have not yet revealed the motive behind this shocking series of crimes. However, it has been disclosed that Sulejmanovic’s ex-wife had previously reported him for threats and violence. The bodybuilder also had a criminal record, including charges of drug smuggling and attacking a police officer.

In the aftermath of the incident, prosecutors warned that followers who left supportive messages on Sulejmanovic’s social media account could face legal consequences.