Billions In Sunken Spanish Treasure Off The Coast Of Colombia

Colombia shipwrecks: Authorities release new images of sunken treasure – The Washington Post

A remotely operated vehicle reached 900 meters below the surface of the ocean and showed new images of the wreckage of the San Jose, which is considered the “holy grail” of Spanish colonial shipwrecks.

The Spanish galleon San Jose sunk in 1708 after a battle with the British, and its treasure, estimated to include at least 200 tons of gold, silver and emeralds, was stored in the fort of Colombia’s coastal city, Cartagena.

The British sunk the Spanish galleon San Jose off Cartagena de Indias, carrying gold, silver and precious stones for King Philip V. The sunken treasure has sat on the ocean floor for almost 300 years. Only a few of the 600-member crew survived the wreck.

Colombia has announced the discovery of the shipwreck, which is at a depth of between 2,000 and 3,200 feet. The wreck’s unique bronze cannons with dolphin engravings confirm its location.

Colombia is estimating it is going to take $60-70 million to salvage the ship wrecks but that the contents might be worth billions of dollars.

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