Angry Dad Charged For Firing Gun At Naked Roommate Who Entered His Daughter’s Room

Dayne Victor Miller, a 44-year-old resident of Florida, was arrested early Wednesday morning after reportedly firing a gun multiple times at his roommates. According to reports, the arrest came within minutes of Miller engaging in an altercation with his occupants over an incident involving his teenage daughter.

The Cape Coral Police Department revealed that Miller had become enraged when one of his roommates entered the bedroom of his teenaged daughter. A discussion ensued after Miller phoned the emergency services, during which he claimed to have discharged his gun due to the ‘naked’ roommate.

The victims–a couple–were reportedly renting a room from Miller and had been consuming alcohol with him earlier in the evening. A roommate relayed to officers that he had looked for an restroom in the dark and ‘unintentionally stumbled’ into the room belonging to Miller’s daughter.

With both parties in their respective bedrooms, Miller is said to have started pounding on the door, threatening to kill them. That’s when authorities allege Miller discharged his firearm inside the apartment–at least three or four times–and even compromised the bedroom door with bullet holes.

Consequently, Miller is now facing two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and shooting into an occupied dwelling. Presently, he is being held at the Lee County Jail with a bond of $20,000 set for his release.