Armed Bystander Stops Pregnant Woman From Being Beaten By Abusive Ex

A 27-year-old man attacked a pregnant woman in a Publix parking lot, punching her several times in the face. She fell to the ground, and the man began stomping on her head and upper body.

Cole Joseph Danisment was beating the pregnant victim violently. She suffered a broken nose from the abuse and was covered in blood, according to officers.

An armed bystander intervened when he saw the attack. Police say the witness pulled out his firearm on Danisment and stopped the attack. They bystander shared that he feared for the woman’s life when he saw how badly she was being beaten by the perpetrator.

Danisment continued attacking the woman even after she fell to the ground, stomping on her head and upper body, until a witness pulled out his firearm and stopped the attack.

The victim and her attacker were dating for about a year before the incident, and they had also been living together for about a month.

Despite their previous relationship, Danisment was put under a no-contact order. That order was made due to a previous arrest that followed an incident of domestic violence.

The victim was 14 pregnant with her attacker’s child at the time of the incident.

Officers questioned Cole Danisement about the attack, and he didn’t deny his criminal actions. The suspect claimed that his flurry of anger caused him to “black out.”